Spring has sprung…

I don’t know about you, but Spring is my favourite time of year. With a spectrum of colours from the daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses, the summer flowers are raising their new stems too and there’s new signs of life.

This Spring does feel different though doesn’t it. After a long year of lockdowns and the challenges that has brought with it, starting a-fresh feels like more of a big deal this year.

We’ve all been affected in different ways by what’s happened. For some it’s been a chance to spend more time at home and to take a bit of a breather from the days to day hustle and bustle of life. For others, it’s been a difficult and challenging time where life has become even harder and feelings of isolation and loneliness has been over-whelming.

I just know that I have enjoyed seeing clients, old and new back in the therapy room in a safe way so that we can connect again. I’ve enjoyed using technology to connect with others using Zoom and FaceTime. And for some clients, that’s been a life-line and a way of accessing support at a difficult time. And because of that, I’m going to continue to offer that remote service. But for me, you can’t beat that connection found in the therapy room. A shared space, a sense of being and belonging can almost be enough – without words even.

As we look forward to summer and an ending of restrictions, I look forward to new and exciting events in the coming months so please keep checking back to see what’s on offer.

Take care for now, Deb 🙂