Retail Therapy

As part of our Wellbeing package, we also offer a range of products as part of ‘having nice things in your life’ to make things feel more comfortable and crafting supplies to encourage your own creativity and living in a more mindful way to help create a calm lifestyle for you to enjoy.  All of this improves your overall sense of wellbeing.

We are a locally based fabric product design business making a range of products which are all 100% cotton and are washable.

We make items to order so if you have any special requests, please get in touch and we chat about how we can help you and design everything especially for you.

Whether you are interested in browsing our beautifully handcrafted products in our Creative Designs range or purchasing the materials to make your own, you will find all you need using the links below.

You can see our full range of products and events at

Tel: 07583 337207