As Autumn arrives…

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the sun, the summer and the long evening strolls, but once the night’s start to draw-in, I can’t help but enjoy the change in the season once more.

Last year, we had a log-burner installed in our home and over last winter, it was a very welcome addition. There’s nothing better than a crisp cold night, getting in from a long day and lighting a fire. We became avid collectors of logs and enjoyed stacking them up by the side of the fire in preparation for those cold nights ahead.

That’s one thing I enjoy about the changing seasons, as soon as a new one arrives, along with it comes new routines and rituals. I enjoy change you see. For some people, change can seem quite scared, but for me it brings welcome new things to challenge me or to enjoy.

I’m wondering if there’s something you’d like to change as the nights draw in and we think about hibernating once more in the count-down to Christmas. Maybe you’d like to stop smoking now that ‘Stoptober’ is here again, or would like to drop a dress size in time for your Christmas Do this year?

Whatever you’re thinking, it’s always easier with some support behind you, so you know where we are if you need that helping hand to guide you through it.

And remember, it’s all about You 🙂

Love and best wishes for now, d x