And spring is in the air…

Don’t you just love the 1st March, Spring is my favourite time of year.  For many reasons, the weather is (usually) getting warmer (and dryer!?), the daffodils wake up again after their restful winter sleep and it’s my birthday in April.  Which sometimes falls around Easter which means, time to recharge my batteries, spending time with my family and of course – Easter Eggs!

It’s so important to reflect on the smaller things in life to cherish and enjoy.  I liken myself to the Ikea tag-line, ‘The wonderful everyday’.  I try to make every day count and enjoyable.  That doesn’t mean that I go out and try to save the world, sky dive from an aeroplane or climb mountains.  No, for me, it’s much more about lazy mornings, two cups of tea before a morning coffee which is savoured.  It’s about making sure things I do aren’t rushed or ‘got out of the way’, but that they’re done in a mindful, thoughtful way.  And as much as I enjoy working with people everyday, supporting them, helping them to get to where they want to be and listening to them intently, I savour and need time on my own.  That gives me much needed space to reflect, chill out and most importantly enjoy the things I like to do.  One of which is indulging in my massive collection of stationery!  I could put WH Smith and Paperchase out of business with my coloured pens, coloured paper, calligraphy paraphernalia and a raft of pencils, pens, rubbers and pencil sharpeners!

And of course, we’re all different.  Different things float our boats, so to speak.  And whatever floats your boat, really take the time to do it – and enjoy it AND most importantly, don’t feel guilty about it!  Many clients I see have massive issues around guilt, ‘I haven’t got time to do that’, ‘I can’t spend money on myself’, ‘I have to put this person and that person first…’, and so the list goes on.  But it’s so important, not only for our own wellbeing, but for those around us too!  So next time you have a pang of guilt, notice it and let it go!  You’ll be a better person inside and out and for you and others if you do!

Right, I’m off now, whilst the sun is shining for a walk around Melton Country Park, ‘coffee and cake at the Visitor Centre?’ – oh go on then!

And remember, It’s All About You x