On this page I hope to answer as many of your questions as possible. If you would like any further details, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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1 hour session£80
3 hour treatment package over 3 sessions£225
6 hour treatment package over 6 sessions£425
These sessions can be face to face or via telephone or skype to suit you

Hypnotherapy is not what you may think

During a session of hypnotherapy you will firstly be encouraged to relax by listening to a gentle slow paced invitation to switch off your conscious mind and let all of your daily worries drift away, a bit like a guided meditation. Followed by the positive suggestion part of the therapy which supports the changes that you wish to make in your life, in line with what we will have already discussed. The session finishes with a reorientation, which sets you back on course for continuing with your day.

Unlike stage hypnotism, you are in full control throughout the session and will probably remain aware of what is going on around you. You can never be made to say, or do, anything you do not want to, you will never give away any secrets or be made to act in a ridiculous way.  You are always in control but at the same time you are also very deeply relaxed.

What to expect in a Session

During your FREE consultation, we can chat about what’s going on for you right now and how I can help.  I may ask you some questions, just so that I can understand how you feel about what is happening and what you would like to achieve from Hypnotherapy.  I will then prepare a Treatment Plan especially for you.  If either of us feel that Hypnotherapy is not the best option for you at this time, we can discuss other ways I may be able to help or other options so it won’t waste you time or your money.

Sessions last around an hour, we will spend the beginning of the session chatting to see how things are for you and then we will have the Hypnotherapy session.  During that time, around 30-40 minutes, you will be introduced to a relaxing state by the use of imagery and suggestion tailored to your specific needs.  This will allow your subconscious mind to work in a way that is helpful and informative.

Please feel reassured that you will remain in complete control throughout the session.

After the Hypnotherapy session, there are no expectations to talk about how you felt or what your subconscious mind has revealed to you.  You can just enjoy the experience and process your feelings at your own pace.

How many sessions to expect:

It’s impossible to predict exactly how many sessions you will need.  There are many things which can affect this; the issues you wish to work on, how long those things have been affecting your life and many other factors.  I offer a completely transparent service where I will be honest and open with you during your free consultation about how I see your treatment progressing.  This will give you some idea of how long treatment may take and of course it will be helpful to have an idea of the cost of how many sessions you can commit to, should you wish to go ahead with Hypnotherapy.  To help your decision, I offer a range of Treatment Packages to help with the financial side of Hypnotherapy, there are individual session and treatment packages of 3 and 6 sessions available which offer a reduced rate.


  • You can expect a professional and friendly service that is individual to you.
  • Your appointment time will be you time without interruption and will only ever be re-arranged in exceptional circumstances.
  • You can expect to be treated with complete respect and confidentiality.
  • You can expect and honest and open working relationship which is beneficial in helping you to achieve your treatment goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Cancellation information:

If, for any reason you are unable to make your appointment please allow as much notice as possible to avoid charges.  You can find more detail about the cancellation policy here

Please contact me if you require any further information.