We know how daunting it can be to reach out and seek help.  You’ve made a huge step just by doing your research and looking at how you can get support with difficult feelings, or how to cope when you’re placed in a difficult situation. 

Counselling falls under the umbrella term ‘talking therapies’ and allows people to discuss their problems and any difficult feelings they encounter in a safe, confidential environment. The term can mean different things to different people, but in general, it is a process people seek when they want to change something in their lives, or simply explore their thoughts.

Prices and Packages

I offer a free initial consultation of 30 minutes where we can discuss how I can help you.

From there I will offer you a personalised Treatment Package just for you which could be individual sessions or a block of sessions depending on what you need and would like.

Talking therapy has proven incredibly helpful for a range of concerns, with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommending various forms for most mental health conditions. Even if you don’t identify as having a mental health condition, talking to someone objective about your worries can help you cope with everyday stresses.

Recently, ‘Time to Change’ surveyed over 7,000 people living with mental health issues. Of those 7,000 over half said they find it easier now to talk about their mental distress than ever before. 60% also said they felt as if a “weight had been lifted” once they opened up and talked about their condition.

During your counselling sessions, we are not there to sit you down and tell you what to do. Instead, you will be encouraged to talk about what’s bothering you in order to uncover any root causes and identify your specific ways of thinking. We may then look to create a plan of action to either help you reconcile your issues, or help you to find ways of coping.

Counselling does not come in any set format and each session is generally tailored to you as an individual. There is flexibility within this type of therapy that allows for a variety of counselling formats:

  • Face-to-face – You can make an appointment with us to see at one of our discreet therapy practices in Melton Mowbray or Leicester. Face-to-face sessions are one of the more popular therapy formats because they provide an opportunity for you to react to any emotions that arise there and then. 
  • Telephone or Skype counselling – Telephone or Skype counselling offers a helpful alternative to face-to-face counselling. This involves talking to your counsellor over the phone or using the internet instead of in person. This form of counselling can be particularly useful for those too busy to attend face-to-face sessions and can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. This format also tends to be more flexible and can fit around your busy schedule.
  • Individual or group – You may choose to see a counsellor by yourself, or if you prefer you could join one of our group sessions with people experiencing similar issues. Going to a group counselling session can be helpful if you want to discuss your issues with people who are going through similar problems and you may even gain yourself a support network. Alternatively, you may wish to see a counsellor alone to preserve your privacy and concentrate on your own feelings.

Today, the art of talking therapies such as counselling, are used to help people come to terms with many problems they are facing, with an ultimate aim of overcoming them.

Click here to see my Counselling and Hypnotherapy Agreement (PDF)